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How We Do It
Heat Transfer Vinyl

Many shirts that contain only one or two colors can be made with Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV). We only use the highest quality HTV (trust us - we've tried them all!). First, the design is cut using a machine, and then the negative space is weeded out by hand. The design is then placed on top of the shirt and pressed using a huge amount of pressure and heat. This ensures a professional and lasting finish. HTV is great because it doesn't fade, and can be used on just about any shirt of any color. 

Most of our work is done using sublimation technology. This is a complicated science, but it allows us to embed beautiful, full color designs directly into certain products. Sublimation is amazing, but has limitations. Only light colored polyester shirts can be sublimated on. Polyester blend shirts work well also, but they must be prepped with a product that helps the ink soak into the fibers. Many other products can receive sublimation, but they must be manufactured with a polyester coating. Read more about the science behind sublimation here

Adhesive Vinyl

We use a permanent vinyl on many of our plastic products such as sports bottles, kids' cups, and bag tags. This ensures a secure stick that won't even come off in the dishwasher! Temporary vinyl is also available for projects that might not need to last forever. Adhesive vinyl is available in just about any color.